Op Ed: Trump has Offered to Negotiate Peace in Ukraine, but he is no Wendell Willkie

Chicago Tribune – October 20, 2022 Former President Donald Trump has offered to negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine, a bizarre concept that illustrates just how far America has fallen from the days when leaders of both major parties collaborated to support global democracy.Eighty years ago, in the midst of World War II, Republican leader…

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Op-Ed: Liz Cheney for Attorney General

The Wall Street Journal, August 26, 2022 — Now that Rep. Liz Cheney has lost her primary to a Trumpist Republican in Wyoming, it’s time for President Biden to consider appointing her to his cabinet. Political tensions have risen to new levels since the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Aug. 8 search of Mar-a-Lago. Bringing a…

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Peter Shinkle to Speak at George C. Marshall Foundation

Peter Shinkle, author of Uniting America, How FDR and Henry Stimson Brought Democrats and Republicans Together to Win World War II, will speak at the George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia, on November 10, 2022. Shinkle will discuss General Marshall’s relationship with the two dynamic leaders of the wartime bipartisan alliance, Democratic President Franklin…

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Op-Ed: One reason for Trump’s foreign policy fiascoes — his National Security Council is broken

The Los Angeles Times, March 8, 2019 — National security fiascoes are piling up around President Trump. His summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un collapsed last week. In December, he announced a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, only to have his national security advisor publicly revise the plan. Last July, he endorsed…

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Op-Ed: A ‘Pearl Harbor moment’? Maybe. But Trump is no FDR

The Los Angeles Times, April 16, 2020 — When U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said recently that the coronavirus crisis would “be our Pearl Harbor moment,” he unwittingly opened a debate on President Trump’s leadership amid the COVID-19 catastrophe. He was alluding to Dec. 7, 1941 — when more than 3,500 American soldiers and civilians…

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How FDR and Henry Stimson Brought Republicans and Democrats Together to Win World War II